• Review: Harrow the Ninth
    I read Gideon the Ninth this time last year and have been wanting to treat myself to Harrow ever since. You’ll understand why if you have a read of my review of Gideon here. I’ve been in a reading slump recently and decided it was time to entice myself with this baby. Major spoilers for … Continue reading Review: Harrow the Ninth
  • Review: Conversations with Friends
    I am very late to the Sally Rooney train. If I’m honest, I probably wouldn’t have jumped on it at all if my friend hadn’t specifically requested this review. And it does count as queer literature, so at least one of my boxes was going to be ticket. Sally Rooney, if you’ve been living under … Continue reading Review: Conversations with Friends
  • Mae Martin: Sap
    ‘It’s a really different crowd when you open for Mae Martin,’ Jack Barry comments with a chuckle. He has just mentioned that he’s started going to therapy, and we the audience have cheered in response. He’s a great opener, and seems to be a great person too. And yes, he is wearing that suit from … Continue reading Mae Martin: Sap
  • Mini Review: Discworld 1-5
    Terry Pratchett’s Discworld is a big place, and, spanning over 40 novels, it can be daunting to try out. But fear no more, as I will be going through the entire Discworld and giving you a little taste of what there is available. Not sure where to start? I’ve got you. Not sure where to … Continue reading Mini Review: Discworld 1-5
  • Review: Stardust
    After my last read, The Unbroken by C L Clark, I wanted to read something warm, to restore my faith in humanity a little bit. And so we go from the latest releases to a novel which, by the author’s account, is ever so slightly older than me. Neil Gaiman’s Stardust is a fantasy adventure … Continue reading Review: Stardust

People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around.

Terry Pratchett